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Business Ethics

The Cardinal Energy Solution Code of Conduct drives our behaviour in terms of business ethics and a copy is available from the company on request.

Cardinal Energy Solution believes that the highest standards of business ethics are critical in today’s business world and observance of the law and the legal system is a fundamental principle for everyone in the company. The maintenance of high ethical standards is implicit in the conduct of the company and all its employees within every territory and jurisdiction in which it conducts its business.

Cardinal Energy Solution expects all its employees to conduct themselves in an honest, fair and professional manner behaving and conducting themselves in such a way that maintains the good reputation of the company wherever they are. Cardinal Energy Solution applies these same standards to all business dealings with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Cardinal Energy Solution expects every employee to obey the law and regulations of the legal system of the country in which they are employed and while the company encourages fair and enthusiastic competition in the marketplace, this must comply with the relevant competition laws of the country in which it operates.


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